Our promise

Health & Safety – The food we provide is not only yummy but also agrees with your tummy. By using fresh, premium quality ingredients and strict hygiene practices, we deliver quality meals that you can enjoy till the last bite. Our staff is completely in sync with our health and safety standards, which they very well maintain while handling as well as packing the meals.

Quality & Consistency – We always try to exceed customer expectations when it comes to quality. Our Staffhelp us deliver the quality we promise. Besides, we also promise consistency in quality, taste and nutritional value in the meals that we prepare.

Variety – Believing that variety is the spice of life, Maai kirasoi offers a huge variety of mouth-watering meals under different menu plans for all days of a month!!!

Feedback – Tell us how to fine-tune a dish to make it better and we will always welcome your feedback. Maai KiRasoi wants to keep on improving its service on this exciting culinary art journey with you!